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Pesky Diago

Halfling Male 13th-level thief
Armor Class: 1
Movement: 9
Hit Points: 61
No. of Attacks: 5/2
Alignment: Neutral
Str: 18/00 (9), Dex: 15, Con: 15, Int: 14, Wis: 7, Cha: 13

    Weapon Proficiencies: dagger (thrown & melee); short sword;
military pick; blowgun; shuriken; hand crossbow.
    Thief Abilities: PP 80, OL 80, F/RT 75, MS 90, HS 90, DN 70,
CW 70, RL 40.
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: read lips; tumbling; reading/writing;
jumping; juggling; tightrope walking; riding, land based.
  Equipment: hand crossbow(20 bolts), 20' silk rope(around waist, under clothing), beef jerky; when adventuring he carries standard adventuring equipment.
  Magical Items: Dagger of speed +3*, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Ring of Protection +3, Girdle of Many Pouches, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Spider Harness*, Pesky Vault*, Ring of Inaudible Invisibility, Wand of fireballs, Pigment of Blackmoor, Potion of Ventriloquism.
  Combat/Tactics: Only fighting when well protected by both magical items and allies, Pesky is both fierce, and extremely lucky in battle.  When it comes to adventuring, Pesky prefers to skip the battle and grab the spoils.
  Allies/Companions: Charles III; David Tarm; Laura Diago (his wife); Lord Rex of Diamond Pass; Chester Quickdagger; Silverstar; Myak; 
  Foes/Enemies: Shadow Thieves; The Lords of Waterdeep; The Xanathar Thieves' Guild; Drow of the Underdark;
  Appearance: Short, even for a halfling (3'1"), Pesky dresses in baggy, concealing clothing, his hair is unkempt, long, and curly, his features are weathered, but always has a smile on his face.
  Personality: Hard to anger, and a lover of ale, pesky is never serious unless the situation requires it, and hardly ever then.  Pesky can be easily talked into anything, considering he never thinks anything through.  He is always doing anything to entertain himself. Often landing himself in trouble, his luck seems to always to get him out of it.
  Locales Frequented: Dalelands, Waterdeep, Ardesserin, Diamond Pass.
  History: Pesky Diago started out as a squire for Charles III during Charles' training as a warrior in the Arabelan army.  Charles and Pesky soon left the employment of the army to adventure on their own. They headed towards the City Of Splendors.  Pesky got into trouble quickly after arriving in Waterdeep. Having robed a noble's Gem shop, the owner who was also a member of the infamous group called the Shadow Thieves, pesky was caught and sentenced to six months hard labor, this being where he picked up his use of the military pick. To this day, Pesky fears the Shadow Thieves and hopes they have forgotten about him. 
    After getting out of prison, Pesky, Charles, and company were hired to go to a place in Waterdeep called Blue Alley. After Pesky nearly dies inside Blue Alley(He foolishly jumped off a ledge he never bothered to see if there was a floor nearby, and was barely saved by a female companion who was lucky enough to posses a Ring of Feather Falling) they discovered a very intoxicating wine. They hired a brewers guild to produce the wine in a less potent form, and gave the guild rights to sell the wine, in return Pesky and company received a percentage amount of the sales. The wine, called Blue(from it's naturally brilliant color), sold very well and continues to sell well to this day.  Pesky's adventures led him to the Dalelands. 

    Pesky was invited, mostly against his will, to go with a party hunting a young dragon.  During the battle, Pesky used a Ring Of Jumping to propel himself wielding a short sword into the dragon's eye, burying the sword and most of his upper body in the dragon's head.  The dragon flung Pesky into the cavern wall and knocked him unconscious.  After awakening, quite sore and still very scared, Pesky walked away with a very special dagger and a nice amount of gold for his efforts. 
    Soon after when they were hired to help defend a stronghold from an invading army of drow.  Pesky was sent as a scout into the underdark to gather info on the army. Before entering the underdark, Myak had Pesky's dagger further enchanted with a continual light spell, so he could see in the tunnels.  On his way in Pesky encountered  three drow patrolling the underground caves and was forced into battle with them. This is where Pesky discovered his dagger's special powers. Pesky quite easily disposed of the evil beings and continued on, after robing the bodies of everything of value of course! 
    Pesky discovered the drow city, and proceeded into it.  With the aid of a teleportation device and a hell of a lot of luck, Pesky stumbled into a royal storage chamber containing numerous magical items and money.  Pesky mad out with several chests and items, before he was discovered by the drow patrol.  In his attempt to escape pesky used a recently purchased magical item called a "Spider harness" to climb the walls of the chamber and eventually onto the ceiling trying to get away from the reach of the patrol's swords.  In a last ditch effort Pesky propelled himself off the ceiling and buried a dagger into the skull of a drow patrol before grabbing one last chest of items and teleporting to safety. 
    Pesky eventually went back to Waterdeep where he started running a low profile thieves' guild out of his home.  Pesky met his wife when she came looking to Pesky for admittance into his guild.  The two married and now have a one month old baby boy.  Just recently, The Lords of Waterdeep, discovered Pesky's Guild, with the help of The Xanathar Thieves' Guild, and forced Pesky to flee the city along with his wife, child, and most trusted companion, Chester Quickdagger, to Ardesserin, a forest town east of Waterdeep, Where Pesky's good friend David Tarm resides at his Keep.
    Motivations/Goals: Pesky's greatest concern is living, and living well.  But just as important, is his wife and son.  Having had his thieves' guild in Waterdeep recently disbanded, Pesky is now looking to return to the easy life.
  Campaign Uses: Pesky will be readily willing to help any PC with an adventure, as long as he has a chance to come out a little richer than he goes in, and if the PCs can convince him that the adventure poses little or no risk to him.
  Source: Andrew Moore