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Charles III

Human Male 9th-level Knight
Armor Class: -4
Movement: 14
Hit Points: 89
No. of Attacks: 3
Alignment: Lawful Good
Str: 18/81, Dex: 12, Con: 16, Int: 14, Wis: 15, Cha: 15

    Weapon Proficiencies: long sword (grand mastered); short sword; two handed sword; great scimitar; bastard sword (one and two handed); no-dachi
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: blind fighting; direction sense; fire building; reading/writing; riding, land based; rope use; survival, woodland; tracking; Waterdeep lore 1
    Equipment: flint and steel x2; 50' silk rope; grappling hook; hooded lantern; small metal mirror; pints of lamp oil x2; common cloth x3 sq. yards; dagger; wet stone; small tent; dry rations x 2 tenday; wineskins x6
    Magical Items: long sword of sharpness +1; full plate armor +5; potion of water breathing; oil of timelessness; extra healing potion x2
    Combat/Tactics: having the ability of ambidexterity he fights with two longs swords at the same time, often blocking with the left and attacking with the right
    Allies/Companions: Pesky Diago, SilverStar, Temple of Helm
   Foes/Enemies: Drow, Zhents
    Appearance: 6'1" tall and weighing 230 lbs of pure muscle, he has short blonde hair and a beard both well kept , pale blue eyes almost white, rugged looking most of the time unless he is in WaterDeep where he tries to look impressive
    Personality: take charge kind of guy, but doesn't act like he knows it all welcoming advice from his companions, polite to strangers and his comrades, won't provoke a fight but won't run from one either.


    Locales Frequented: WaterDeep (home), ShadowDale
    History: From the time he was small he wanted to be the warrior who fought for honor and overthrow the chaos that runs wild.  He started training to become a knight when he was only 10.  After being a Knight Iniate for 4 years he met Pesky Diago, who tried to steal his coin purse.  Instead of turning in the Halfling , he became friends with the rogue.  If you see Pesky or Charles, the other is usually nearby.
    Motivations/Goals: Charles recently has returned to Diamond Pass Castle where he is currently the Knight Captain.  He aspires to one day earn the right to have his own kingdom to rule over. 
    Campaign Uses: Being of lawful good alignment he will only take on  missions of good causes,  he is a protector of those weak and innocent, he believes in justice not vengeance
    Unique Abilities: due to his vigorous training in the long sword and the two weapon technique he can give up his first round of attack to intimidate his opponent with his swordmanship (-5 mod. to morale).
    Unique Items: LawBringer
    Source: Jason