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Rayl Darkmoon

Drow Male 18th Level Fighter
Armor Class: -1
Movement: 12
Hit Points: 85
No. of Attacks: 4/1
Magic Resistance: 80%
Alignment: Neutral
Str: 18/82, Dex: 20, Co: 10, Int: 12, Wis: 11, Cha: 9

    Spell-like Abilities: Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, Darkness, Levitate, Know Alignment and Detect Magic (1 xday each)
    Weapon Proficiencies: multiple weapon specialization, two weapon fighting style( 2 slots), missile weapon style, scimitar (grandmaster), dagger (specialist), short sword (specialist), hand crossbow (specialist)
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: riding land, blind fighting, set snares, tracking, survival (underground, mountains, & woodland)
    Equipment: Standard gear.
    Magical Items: Scimitar of Speed, Scimitar of Wounding, Hand Crossbow of Accuracy, Ring of Protection +3, Bracers of Defense (AC 6), Cloak of Elvenkind, Drow sleep poison enough to coat 6 crossbow bolts
    Combat/Tactics: Rayl will go into a fight toe to toe or use his cloak to gain a tactical advantage over a group of foes.  Normally when using his blades he relies on his speed and strength to overwhelm his opponents, though at times he will bait his opponent making them think they have him beat then unleash a barage of vicious attacks.


   Allies/Companions: A small clan of sylvan elves still living in Cormanthor will aid him a little if it is in their best interests, he has no permanent travelling companions and tends to work alone.
    Foes/Enemies: House H'Alsarieve (27th house of Menzoberanzan now destroyed), priestesses and followers of Lloth, a few members of the Knights of Myth Drannor
    Appearance: Rayl's face has a long scar running down the side of it from his temple to his jaw line looking to be caused by some type of whip.  His back and neck are also covered with marks looking to be made by a similiar weapon.  He is quite large for a drow standing 6'3" and weighing 230lbs of solid muscle.  He has blue eyes.  His silver hair is pulled back into a ponytail that reaches the bottom of his shoulder blades.
    Personality: Rayl is slow to anger.  He doesn't feel guilty over killing when it needs to be done and will do it quickly.
    Locales Frequented: Dale Lands
    History: Only a very few knows his history, the way he likes it.
    Source: Jason