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Male Elf 10th level Thief/7th level Fighter
Armor Class: 3
Movement: 12
Hit Points: 43
No. of Attacks: 3 (Bow)
Alignment: Neutral
Str: 13, Dex: 20, Co: 10, Int: 13, Wis: 11, Cha: 13

    Weapon Proficiencies: Long Bow (High Master); All bows; short sword; dagger; shurikans; missile weapon fighting style
    Thief Abilities: Pick Pockets, 90%; Open Locks, 70%; Find/Remove Traps, 85%; Move Silent, 90%; Hide in Shadows, 90%; Detect Noise, 55%; Climb Walls, 90%, Backstad x3
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: Alertness; Steady Hand (17); Quickness (17); Set Snares (19); Apraising (13); Rope Use (20); Tracking (13); Herbalism (17); Reading/Writing (16)(Common & Elven); Bowyer/Fletcher (19); Hunting (10); Animal Lore (13); Endurance (10); Fire Building (10); Jumping (13); Survival, Woodland (13); Disguise (13)
    Equipment: lock picks, 50' silk rope, hacksaw w/3 blades, metal file, wire cutter, wrist sheath, 60 marbles, weapon black, dark suit, woodland suit, charcoal(1lb), winter blanket, 3 weeks rations, 3 wineskins, 10 sq. yards common cloth, small metal mirror, blade ring, blade boots, false scabbard, 4 bowstrings
    Magical Items: Spider Harness, 3 +2 arrows, Long bow +2, Eye of the Wizard(+10% disarm magical traps), Potion of Climbing, Extra Healing Potion, 50 sheaf arrows with enchantment Log of Everburning
    Allies/Companions: Tym, Querilos, Merlo
    Foes/Enemies: Black Thorn, Zhentliar Network, Any with bounties on them
    Appearance: age 142  ht:5'8" wt:135 hair:brown eyes:brown
    Locales Frequented: All across Faerun.
    Campaign Uses: Elven Archer
    Source: Jason