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Kalla Swiftwind

Human Female 2nd level Fighter(Wild Psionicist)
Armor Class: -2
Movement: 12
Hit Points: 29
No. of Attacks: 3/2
Magic Resistance: nil
Alignment: LG
Str:18(16/20) , Dex:18(17/19) , Co:18(16/20) , Int:14(12/16) , Wis:13(13/13) , Cha:15(15/15) Player's options rules used.

    Spell-like Abilities: Psionic Wild Talent-Chameleon Power
    Abilities: Experience Bonus +5%; Multiple Weapon Specialization; Increased Movement; Artistic Ability(Painting);
    Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword (Specialized); Dagger (Specialized); Medium Shield;
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: Running(10), Ride-Land Based(16), Painting(14)
    Equipment: Standard Adventuring Equipment; Long Sword, Six Daggers; Chain Lamellar; Medium Shield;
    Magical Items: None
    Combat/Tactics: Kalla employs her Power to blend into her surroundings to give her a great edge in fighting. Usually leading into battle throwing daggers and following up by closing in with her long sword, Kalla uses her exceptional speed to keep her opponents running and exhausted. Hardly ever does she enter combat without some sort of advantage.
    Allies/Companions: none
    Foes/Enemies: All lawful evil societies such as orcs and goblins
    Appearance: Kalla is a beautiful and humble person. Standing 6'3"and weighing about 155, she always has a smile on her face. She has big green eyes, black silken midback length hair. Usually wearing black silks and tan leather pants with black boots, she carries her shield on her back and her sword on her hip.
    Personality: Kalla often walks the streets of the city looking for anything interesting, or anyone who needs anything from a meal to money to clothing, or will just talk to people about their problems.  She is always giving money away to the less fortunate. She is always smiling and will laugh at any moment something even slightly funny is spoken.  She is always willing to talk to anyone.
    Locales Frequented: Her hometown of Tigul south of the horizon plains on Gayea and the surrounding areas


    History: Having grown up with just her brothers to raise her, Kalla has spent most of her young life learning to fight and defend herself. Soon after leaving home to find her lost father, she discovered her hidden psionic power. She is able to blend in with her surroundings, enabling her sneak up on opponents, or simply avoid them. She has since discovered her father is dead, killed by orcs, and spend the majority of her time hunting any evil creature society.
    Motivations/Goals: The destruction of all evil societies like orcs and goblins.
    Campaign Uses: Kalla is a free spirit who is always willing to help just about anyone.  She asks for no money and only takes what she needs.
    Source:   Andy Moore