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Kragmarth Brightwing

Human/Silver Dragon Male 6th Level Fighter
Armor Class: 21
Movement: 30'
Hit Points: 84
     Melee: 13/8
     Ranged: 9/4
     Claw: 1d4
     Bite: 1d6
Alignment: Lawful Good
Str: 24, Dex: 17, Con: 20, Int: 16, Wis: 14, Cha: 16

    Skills: Bluff (5); Climb (15); Craft (Weaponsmith)(12); Handle Animal (11); Intimidate (5); Jump (15); Ride (Horses)(11); Swim (15)
    Feats: Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Great Fortitude, Weapon Focus (Great Sword), Weapon Specialization (Great Sword), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Cleave
    Special Abilities: Lowlight Vision (60'), Dark Vision (60'), Immune to Sleep, Paralysis, and Cold, Breath Weapon 1xday (Cone of Cold 30' 6d8 (18)).
    Equipment: Standard equipment when he adventures.
    Magical Items: Ring (unidentified)
    Combat/Tactics: Kragmarth fights primarily with his great sword. When he feels that his weapon cannot get the job done, he attempts to freeze his opponent with his breath weapon. Using the moment of confusion to strike at an advantage with his weapon.
    Allies/Companions: None as of yet.
    Foes/Enemies: Clan Wyrmsplitter of the Northlands.
    Appearance: Kragmarth has a physical appearance that keeps him away from most human towns. He has the normal form of a human standing at 6'1 and weighing in at 219 pounds. Yet his skin tone is silver. He looks to be a construct created of pure silver. This has caused him to be attacked, being mistaken for some type of golem. His silver hair is very short, in a militaristic manner. His eyes are solid silver orbs, looking devoid of any life or emotion. The few friends that he has made in his short time adventuring say that his smile is his best feature. 
    Personality: He can be somewhat dour at times. Taking his job, whatever it may be at the time, very seriously. He spends most of his days alone pondering his very existence. He enjoys the company of halfling for they help to lift his spirits. He is very honorable and will see that all are treated as they deserve.
    Locales Frequented: Kragmarth is currently living in a cave in the Sunrise Mountains in northern Faerun. 


    History: Kragmarth isn't sure of when or where he was born. He was raised by a family in the Wyrmsplitter clan. He was found as a babe in the lair of a silver dragon. The warriors of the clan slay the dragon and took him to raise as their own. He strongly believes that the dragon was his natural mother and has found out that his father was a human paladin of the Guardian God, Helm. He fled from the clan when he realized that they took him from where he belonged. He met a group of adventurers shortly after that welcomed him into their group. He adventured with them for several months before deciding to attempt to find his father. He found a cave in the mountains inhabited by a clan of orcs. After slaying the orcs, he took their home as his until the winter passes and he can travel southward into human civilization.
    Motivations/Goals: He was taught the ways of dragon slayers. How to hunt and slay the magical beasts and make claim to their treasure hoardes. He wishes to use this knowledge to search out dragons and instead of attacking them, to learn from them. He would like to see the dragonkind live on and thrive. When spring comes, he's traveling south in search of his father. He needs to know him. He feels deep regret that he has not learned from a man so noble as to be a paladin. His search shall carry him on through the years to come. 
     Source: Jessee