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Melgar Uth'Marin

Half Elf (Drow) Male 25th-Level Fighter (Knight)
Armor Class: -5
Movement: 18
Hit Points: 126
No. of Attacks: 5/2 or 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Str: 24 (18/89), Dex: 14, Con: 18, Int: 13, Wis: 14, Cha: 14

    Weapon Proficiencies: scimitar (master); long sword (specialist); short sword; composite longbow; dagger; jousting lance; two-handed sword; two weapon fighting style (+2)
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: blind fighting; endurance; etiquette, heraldry; modern languages (drow, dwarf); riding, land based; reading/writing (common, drow, dwarven); survival (underdark)
    Equipment: standard adventuring gear (backpack, rations, wineskin, etc.)
    Magical Items: Ghaundar (Scimitar +4 Defender, intelligent sword), Shianterra (Long sword +3, Frost Brand), Boots of Speed, Girdle of Cloud Giant strength, Ring of Free Action, Ring of Spell Turning, Melgar's Full Plate Armor (Elven Full Plate Mail w/special characteristics) and various other magical items kept in his vault or in the keep.
    Combat/Tactics: Melgar will rush into combat wielding Ghaundar in one hand and Shianterra in the other hand. He fights with both hands without penalty and does it very well. Being a knight, he will almost always go after the strongest opponent and will fight with honor. He will never attack an unarmed opponent or one who is attempting to surrender unless that opponent has tried to fool him in such a way. He will never intentionally strike at his opponents back.
    Allies/Companions: Tym; Sepherinia Uth'Marin, his wife; JaeneferSilverleaf; The Lady Aylah; Edena of Neith; Elodie; Tolarin Skylar; and many others including some members of the Harpers; and a few other groups found throughout his home world of Faerun.
    Foes/Enemies: He has no specific enemies at this time though he counts all those who would harm the innocent or seek to harm the greater good as those who must be defeated. 
    Appearance: Melgar is a tall, well muscled man with long (shoulder length) black hair and deep blue eyes. His skin has a dark tint from the drow blood in him and his face has the fine elven quality without being "beautiful". He has a small scar running from the top of his right cheek down to his neck. 
    Personality: He is a brave and honorable man. He is confident in himself and his skills but does not
hold himself above any other.  He is extremely loyal to his order, his family and his friends and would willingly place himself in harms way or die for them.  He cares for all who need him and his help and goes out of his way to offer support and help to any who need it or ask of it.  He holds himself to a higher standard than he does others and feels shame when he drops below what he considers right.
    Locales Frequented: He can often be found wandering the Land of Juxta or The Shining Plains, the area surrounding his keep and village in Faerun.  He often travels the area between the Lake of Dragons (Dragonmere), and his home. 



    History:  Melgar Uth'Marin was born as the first son to Dalmar Uth'Marin, a noble human Cavalier, and Shyntara Maerdath, a female drow who forsook the evil ways of her people.  Early in life he showed the aptitude for weapons and the cavalier code that his father held in his life.  At an early age, he knew that he would not be suited for the ruling life that would be his when his father died. So, with the blessing of his parents, he bestowed the rights and privileges of the first born on his next brother Ulrich, and made his way out into the wide world of Faerun. He traveled to many places between the lower Lake of Dragons area to as far west as the Sword Coast and his father's home town of Waterdeep.  Along the paths of his life, he met a lot of people that he would call friend.  
    None of the people that he met had more influence on him than a young noblemen named Tergrim. It was Tergrim who first placed the seed in the young man's brain of becoming a Knight. The idea grew until Melgar, with the help of his new friend and Liege Tergrim, established what was to be the Knights of the Soaring Falcon.  Up to this point in his life, Melgar had wandered almost aimlessly. Going wherever his adventures and paths took him, gaining experiences that would aid him in the time to come.  The order slowly grew and with their help and protection, Tergrim's kingdom flourished.  Then he unthinkable happened.  Coming back from a neighboring town after a successful trade negotiation, the knights came upon a village that had been ravished. They took off in pursuit of the monsters and tracked them into the mountains. Assuming from the stories of the
villagers that the creatures were no more than marauding hill giants, the knights rushed forward into battle.  They were caught unawares when they came head-first into a group of mountain giants. The 20 knights were outmatched but fought bravely, felling many of the giants until from above them on a ridge, 10 more of the giants appeared. In but a short time, all of the knights and Tergrim, with the exception of Melgar, were dead.  With a broken heart and wounded spirit, Melgar returned his friends body to the kingdom it had created and then with a heavy heart, vowed never again to make the mistakes he had.  
    His new lift took him again on many adventures. This time his journeys stayed mostly in the Dalelands and the Moonsea area where he came into contact with the group known as The Harpers and The Knights of Myth Drannor.  His skills and experiences increased dramatically during this time and it was while exploring a crypt in Myth Drannor that he stepped into a portal and arrived in the strange land of Juxtaposition.
    His history from this point on can be found if you visit his library on the second floor of the keep.
    Motivations/Goals: As his code and honor would have him, Melgar is motivated by the necessity to help all those that need it.  He is trying to rebuild the keep and village that was his father's into something that would make his parents proud.  
    Unique Items: Melgar's Full Plate Armor
    Source: WCarney