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Theilar's Gust Of Disarmament
Level 4 Wizard Spell


School: Elemental(Air)
Range: 40 yds + 10 yds/level                                  Components: S
Duration: ---                                                           Casting Time: 2
Area of Effect: Special                                            Saving Throw: Special

    Theilar's Gust Of Disarmament creates a strong gust of wind directed towards the weapon hand of the target.  The target recieves a saving throw vs. Petrification or their weapon is hurled from them a distance of 10 yds + 5 yds/ lev of the caster.  One gust is created for every three levels of the caster. The caster can use one gust per target or combine multiple gusts togetther to add a +1/per gust beyond the first to the targets saving throw to a max of +7.