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LawBringer is an Intelligent long sword with a +5 bonus to attack and damage.
Intelligence: 16
Alignment: Lawful Good
Ego: 18
Communication: speech (common, elven)
    Primary Abilities: Detect sloping passages in a 10' radius
                              Detect evil in a 10' radius
                              Detect magic in a 10' radius
    Extraordinary Powers: Strength- 1xday
Special Purpose: Overthrow Chaos
Special Purpose Power: +2 to all saving throws, -1 to each die of damage sustained

    Made by a dwarven weapon smith Markane Redaxe for Ciral of Shadowdale, Knight of Helm.  Ciral had the weapon enchanted to help him protect his lord and friend.  He carried the weapon for 10 years before he lost his life at the claws of a red dragon.  The sword laid in the dragons lair for nearly 100 years before Charles III and a group of adventurers defeated the dragon and claimed all of it's treasure as theirs by right of conquest.  Charles still carries this weapon and uses it as his main weapon in combat.