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Fortress of Fortune

The winter winds blow. Snow falls from the heavens, coating all that make the Realms their home. In the near distance a beautiful church ground is displayed for all to gaze upon. Straight ahead stands a magnificent domed temple, with a large silver disk hanging above the entrance. The Tears of Selune reflect brightly off it's polished surface. To the right of the road, a finely built inn stands. People hurry in to get out of the numbing cold. Music fills your ears as you near a large building . The Lucky Coin Casino is quite busy considering the weather. People move about inside from gaming tables to other, cheaper, gaming tables. As you walk along the road, nearing the temple, you can notice soldiers barracks to either side of the temple. A path leads off the road, to the left. It is lined on both sides by waist tall hedges. The trail leads to a pond, with several benches placed around it.. As you walk along the trail, a man wearing Tymoran robes walks up, whistling a tune that seems very familiar, yet not quite known. He stops and speaks.

"Error - could not determine dir name from ''. and welcome to my establishment. I am Tym of Waterdeep, Lord High Priest of Tymora. Here, you shall find various buildings and rooms, all of which you are welcome to explore. If you need healing, go on up to the temple . The Weary Wanderer should have a few rooms open, if it's sleep you need. I would advise going over to the Lucky Coin Casino around Evenfeast. The bards there are great, and the gambling's quite nice, too. *winks*  The grounds are quite large if it is peace and quiet that you need. If you will go around to the other side of the grounds, you'll see the adventurers' guild and library . Tis very informative places, I might add. Well, my duties call me, if you need to ask any questions just find my page and he'll rush them to me. Good day."

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