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Human Male 8th Level Fighter/9th Level Priest
Armor Class: -1
Movement: 12
Hit Points: 62
No. of Attacks: 2 or 3/2
Alignment: Chaotic/Good
Str: 15, Dex: 12, Con: 13, Int: 13, Wis: 18, Cha: 12

    Spells per day: (6, 6, 4, 3, 1)
    Weapon Proficiencies: Morning Star (High Master & Weapon of Choice); Club; Footman's Mace; Horseman's Mace; Warhammer; Quarter Staff; Jousting Lance; Chain Mail Armor; Field Plate Armor; Medium Shiled; Weapon/Shield Fighting Style
    Nonweapon Proficiencies: Alertness (19); Blind Fighting; Direction Sense (19); Etiquette (12); Gaming (12); Healing (16); Herbalism (11); Necrology (18); Reading/Writing (Common, Dethek, Espruar, Thorass) (14); Religion (18); Riding, Airborn (16); Riding, Land Based (21); Rope Use (12); Spellcraft (11); Swimming (15); Waterdeep Lore 1 (14); Weather Sense (17)
  Languages Known: Tym can speak and understand all languages in Faerun.
    Equipment: Standard adventuring equipment plus a few suprises.
    Magical Items: Tym's Chain Mail Armor; Burmagarok; Chathstreea;  Medium  Shield +1; Girdle of Many Pouches; Dwarven Thrower +2; Runehammer (Corsimyr- Passwall); Ring of Feather Fall (earring); Ring of Fire Resistance (eyebrow); Ring of Protection +1; Decanter of Endless Water; various potions and scrolls.
    Combat/Tactics: Tym prefers open battle. He casts area-of-affect spells only when faced with large groups of enemies. He prefers fighting from atop horse, feeling more comfortable in the saddle. He has had his right gauntlet adorned with hooks, his morning star has a chain that is held securely by the hooks. Thus he rarely drops his weapon, taking away the chance of having to dismount. When faced with battle on foot, he will usually use a Cause Wounds spell before attacking with his weapon. He always rushes into battle without any plans (seemingly) of attack. Which has earned him the name (by non Tymoran followers) The Wandering Idiot. Yet he always has a spell ready to get him out of battle, just as fast as he rushed in.
    Allies/Companions: Tymoran churches and clergy across Faerun; Merlo Stickyfingers; Fenmarel Ilesere; Drew Moonblade; Theilar ; Meloar Anatornilia; Melgar Uth'Marin ; The Soaring Falcon Knights;   Harpers
    Foes/Enemies: Genuc Elfsbane; The Black Thorn and all it's members/supporters, The Zhentiliar Forces; The Church and faithful of Beshaba.
    Appearance: While adventuring:  His 6', 190lb frame stands proud. The dark brown eyes of this twenty-year old human show wisdom far older than his body portrays. His brown hair is kept clean and short, blonde highlights streak through it. He wears a finely groomed moustache and beard of a dark brown color. A surcoat of royal blue hangs over a suit of, slightly tarnished, chain mail. A silver disk is embroidered on the face of the surcoat. Bracers of the same color as his surcoat cover the chain armor on his forearms. Silver writing is etched in both bracers. On the left bracer, the symbols are graceful in their appearance, being the elven language of Espruar. They say "May I have the elves' grace." Etched into the right are the dwarven runes known as Dethek. "May I have the dwarves' strength."
At his waist, a wide black belt fits perfectly. A weapon belt hangs under the black belt. A single hook on the right side of the belt is home to a black morning star. This Adamantite morning star is larger than a normal weapon of its type, to make up for the lighter metal. Silver runes flow down the handle of the mighty weapon. For those who can read Thorass understand that this must be the weapon's name, as it says Burmagarok:Bane of Undeath .
A silver disk hangs on a thin silver chain around his neck. Two rings are worn on his right hand. The ring on his middle finger is a large silver ring, with a stunning sapphire set in it. The ring on his pinky finger is an ordinary looking gold band. One ring is on his left forefinger. Its golden color is tarnished and it looks as though it has seen far more years than it's current owner. Two platinum loop earrings are pierced through the upper portion of his left ear. A similar loop is pierced through the outer side of his right eyebrow.

    Personality: He has a good attitude about most things. He feels that life should be enjoyed and to it's fullest potential. Always do the best at what you do, battle, singing, drinking, whatever. Always live today as your last day. Do everything you can, as fast and often as you can. He rarely distrusts or treats people with disrespect. Although lately, he has learned to be more cautious and watch for better signs of a person's intent. Yet he does this without acting suspicious or rude. And he doesn't let this caution rule his life. There are few actions that will highly upset him. Needless death, rape, etc. These actions are worth killing (or dying) over. And he will to it that one happens. But, overall, he is a good guy, that loves to drink and have a good time!
    Locales Frequented: Currently he is traveling, almost nonstop, throughout Cormyr and the Dalelands. He has lately been exploring all of Fearun. As far north as Ten Towns all the way south to Calimport.
    Motivations/Goals: Tym lives his life for one purpose...adventuring! He is always looking for an adventure and people to go along with him. Yet currently, his main goal is to see the Black Thorn wiped from Faerun. This has disrupted his idle roaming. Within the next year, he hopes to see the Black Thorn gone. Yet, he plans to always adventure, whether crawling through muck filled dungeons, or climbing through orc filled mountains. If adventure lies there, you can assume Tym will be close by, or on his way.
    Campaign Uses: None...he's mine!
    Unique Items: Pen of Speed
    Source: Tym